El Subterraneo

Top 40, hip-hop, and reggaeton fill the large space of El Subterraneo in Providencia.

Surrounded by Nightlife

The Bella Vista neighborhood may be better known for its nightlife in Santiago, but the Providencia area surrounding the El Subterraneo dance club holds its own. The club’s entrance is located in the midst of a long string of patio restaurants and bars, making it easy to fill a night just on this street.

Popular Music

Most nights, DJs at the large El Subterraneo club spin top 40 hits. Hip-hop and reggaeton, both popular genres in Chile, get plenty of airplay as well. Often, the club will welcome multiple DJs to an event, keeping energy high.

Live Gigs

Nas and Fishbone are just two of the big name live acts that have taken the stage at El Subterraneo, but keep a close eye on the club’s schedule. Live performances, particularly from major international artists, are much more expensive than the regular cover charge and typically sell out in advance.