El Persa Bio Bio

El Persa Bio Bio is a massive flea market in Santiago where you can find an unusual array of items – from pre-loved goods to shoes and plenty of street food that reflects authentic everyday Chilean life.

Variety of Items

El Persa Bio Bio also known as Persa Franklin (persa is market in Chilean) is one of those lively, bustling places where people from different social classes converge to take advantage of great bargains.

Their motto is “if you think on it, we have it.” It is renowned for a variety of cheap and decent quality of goods, including second-hand items – from antiques to old books, bicycles, clothes, record players, kitchen appliances, toys, furniture, pets and more.

Food Fiesta

In El Persa Bio Bio, you will be able to find international food such as Chinese, Thai, Mexican and others, as well as traditional Chilean eateries. There are also blended fruit juice stalls that serve delicious treats like freshly blended banana, pineapple, or strawberry.

El Persa Bio Bio is a good place to pick up affordable souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones back home.