El Morado National Monument

El Morado National Monument is one of Chile’s prized national parks that features a glacier, a mountain peak and plenty of pristine beauty.

Mountain Peaks, Glaciers and More

Set amid the tranquil peaks of the mighty Andes Mountain range, El Morado is a mere 90 kms. from the city of Santiago. The key attractions at this unique national park are the El Morado Hill that peaks at 5060 meters above sea level, the San Francisco Glacier and the El Morado Lagoon.

Easily Accessible from Santiago

The national park is easily accessed by public transport where buses from the city ply at regular intervals to San Jose de Maipo, the little township at the base of El Morado. From here, some choose to hitchhike or hire a car to cover the 25 kms. to Banos Morales, the entrance of El Morado National Monument.

From December to March, buses are available from Santiago all the way to Banos Morales.

The scenic vista here is ideal for recreational activities like camping, picnicking, horseback riding and photography. The more adventurous can try their hand at trekking, mountaineering and rock climbing.

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