El Colorado

El Colorado has the unique distinction of being one of the best ski resorts in South America and boasts 1,100 acres of pristine ski terrain on the Andes Mountain Range.

Discovered in 1932

El Colorado was discovered in 1932 by a team of passionate skiers from Chile who set out to explore the Andes. They came upon the rolling slopes of Cerro Colorado and found a perfect spot for a ski resort here.

They established a mountain village called the Farellones with quaint little cottages inspired by wood-and-stone Swiss chalets.

Attractions and Facilities

EL Colorado has come a long way since then. It now has 112 tracks that traverse from a highest point of over 3,300 metres to the base at 2430 metres above sea level.

The resort is home to an International Ski School as well as a Children’s Mini School. El Mirador, a restaurant at 3000 metres above sea level offers a culinary treat on its mountain terraces. There are also outlets that hire out and sell ski gear as well as accessories.

It doesn’t matter if you ski but a visit to El Colorado is stunningly worthwhile.

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