Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Enjoy an evening of Bagpipes, Motorcycles and Military.


Annually, during the month of August, as Edinburgh comes to life with the famous Fringe Festival – the Edinburgh Military Tattoo begins.

Using the magnificent Edinburgh Castle as its backdrop, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo showcases dance, music and unique displays from around the world. With the haunting sound of bagpipes and drums providing the melody and beat, the Military Tattoo includes displays from the Imps Motorcycle Display Team, the New Zealand Army Band, Lochiel Marching Drill Team and much more.

Performers from over 48 countries arrive in Edinburgh to take part in this spectacular display, the International appeal is huge, with over 100 million people watching the live televised event throughout the world. Needless to say tickets are scarce, events are popular and only for a limited time. If you are lucky you can time your visit with the spectacular firework display which lights up the castle as you listen to the music and marvel at military marching displays.

Book well in advance, and remember accommodation is scarce during August in the city so it’s best to plan ahead.

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