Edinburgh Camera Obscura

Explore past, present and future with the Edinburgh Camera Obscura tour!

The Camera Obscura situated on the Royal Mile of Edinburgh is a fun and fascinating away to learn about the unique history of the city – with a twist! The method used has intrigued and amazed people for over 150 years, which is why this is one of Edinburgh’s top tourist attractions.

Step inside the rooftop chamber, and through a huge periscope you will see live moving images of Edinburgh projected onto a screen. You can manipulate what is seen on the screen to suit your own story!

The World of Illusions is part of the tour which hosts the Magic Gallery, Light Fantastic, Edinburgh Vision and Optical Illusions.

Light Fantastic is one of the largest hologram exhibitions in the whole of Europe. You can watch holograms and 3D pictures change, appear and disappear before your very eyes. It shows you how holograms are made and how to view them.

Edinburgh Vision allows you to see the city in three dimensions – from Victorian times, from the air and today. Explore the infinity corridor of light, go into the magical morphing machine and much more!

The Magic Gallery will make your head spin! It’s a world of optical illusions, you can swap heads with your friend, spot the magic eye pictures or grab sweets which disappear. Children and adults alike will enjoy Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura and World of Illusion tour – It’s past, present and future technology all rolled into one.

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