Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site

Visit the home of America’s legendary horror author, Edgar Allan Poe.

Come gently rapping at Poe’s chamber door…

Edgar Allan Poe only lived in this Philadelphia home for one year, from 1843-44, with his wife and mother-in-law. But within these rooms he wrote some of his most famous twisted tales, including “The Tell-Tale Heart”! Long after Poe’s death, one of his biggest fans bought the home and turned it into a museum for the public.

Learn about Poe’s own scary story.

While the museum aims to educate people about Poe’s life, frights are still a major focus. Visitors can tour the house’s dark, eerie basement, which may have inspired his story “The Black Cat.” They can also hear recordings of Poe’s poems read by celebrities like Vincent Price and Christopher Walken.

The museum has several permanent exhibits, as well as changing special exhibits. And of course, visitors can pose for pictures with a spooky black raven. The National Historic Site is a great place to learn about Poe’s literary legacy while coming to understand his chilling vision firsthand.