E-Bike Hire

While walking around Bagan is a popular mode of transport, you’ll soon realise that a lot of temples are relatively spread out and the afternoon heat and arid, dusty terrain can become a little tiring. That’s why you should say hello to the trusty e-bike!

Bike Shops

Of recent years the town of Bagan has swapped its gas guzzling, noise making, mopeds for the environmentally friendly e-bikes. The bikes run entirely on electricity, require no real skills to ride and are entirely noise and gas free! This phenomenon caught on quickly and today you’ll find a string of e-bike stores around the town.

Which to Choose and Where to Go

The best place to hire an e-bike from is the hotel you’re staying at. If they don’t have them (they will do!) then simply ask for a recommendation. Remember, always test drive the bike first before taking it out on the open road. When it comes to planning a bike route, there’s plenty of winding dirt roads to ride down, and most of them lead to some form of temple or pagoda! Your best bet is to glance into the distance, pick a landmark, and begin your e-bike journey towards it!