Dynamic Earth Edinburgh

It all started with a big bang - Dynamic Earth Edinburgh tells the whole interactive story.

One of the most popular tourist attractions is Dynamic Earth Edinburgh– a 5 star experience which invites you to travel through time and experience planet earth like never before. Through state of the art technology, this interactive experience allows you to face the polar ice chill or crash land a plane in a tropical plane forest on an epic 4D expedition. You can climb into a submarine and see the ocean deep below the ice or feel the bubble and heat of lava before a volcano erupts.

Learn about earth as it has evolved over centuries, from dinosaurs to the universe and beyond. Step into the time machine and let it take you back from today to the Big Bang. Then speed though the universe in a spaceship travelling faster than the speed of light and explore what’s on the other side of the galaxy.

Dynamic Earth will thrill, inspire and illuminate children and adults of all ages. The only thing to bring with you is your imagination.



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