Dusit Zoo

Home to over 1500 international and domestic animals, Dusit Zoo is the oldest zoo in Thailand and features facilities such as the sightseeing train, zoo museum, and an educational center. It is surrounded by a number of landmarks including the Chitralada Palace and Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall.


Dusit Zoo was originally a private botanical garden of the Royal Dusit Garden Palace for King Rama V. The Royal Thai government asked the King if he can grant the land and set up the zoo. The King appointed Bangkok Municipality to begin building the Dusit Zoo. In 1954, the zoo was handed over to the Zoological Park Organization of Thailand.

Animals and Facilities

This Bangkok Zoo houses all kinds of animals including tigers, lions, penguins, kangaroos, and alligators. Visitors will have a chance to see the Reptile House, African Savana with zebras and giraffes, and the Elephants House. Dusit Zoo also features a big man-made lake where visitors can enjoy boat peddling for a small fee. There is also the impressive Food Center that offers plenty of local dishes and desserts.