Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn's River falls is located in one of the most tourist attracted area in Jamaica. It is found in the parish of St. Ann. It is a very popular and historic place that it was once the image on the back of the Jamaican one hundred dollar bill.

Dunn’s River Falls got its name from the family who owned the property in the nineteenth century. It is 600 feet in height which draws the attention people to climb to see what is on the way of the adventure and what is at the top. The Dunn’s River flows directly into the Caribbean sea which makes it such a unique part of nature. Its nice getting into the fresh side of nature once in a while and experience the beauty it has to offer.

Dunn’s River has an amazing history. It is the spot where the English and the Spaniards fought over Jamaica . The English won, thus it is called the legendary battle of “las chorreras“. In 1972 the government saw that Dunn’s river falls had potential to be a spectacle for tourism because of its unique features.

There is also a beach nearby where you can just double the fun. It is great for family trips and honeymoon trips also. There are restaurants and shops where food will be available at reasonable prices. The cost for adult is $15 while the cost for Children (2-11) is $12. It is open during daytime right through the week.

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