Dragon Mart, Dubai

Grab a bargain at Dragon Mart, the biggest Chinese trading centre outside of China!

The Largest Chinese Trading Hub

In a city filled with luxury stores and high price tags, Dragon Mart may come as a breath of fresh air to tourists, residents and locals looking to shop in Dubai. Bargain-lovers and hagglers alike will find joy within the 1.2 kilometre-long, dragon shaped shopping warehouse in Dubai.

What Dragon Mart Has To Offer

Everything sold at Dragon Mart has been made in China and shoppers can find items ranging from fashion, medicine, interior decoration, garden accessories, sports equipment and electrical goods. In fact, Dragon Mart is the first and largest shopping venue for the supply of Chinese products in the region, hosting over 3500 individual stores and opening late most nights. Individual or wholesale purchases are available and shoppers are encouraged to haggle for the best prices.

Dragon Mart is a truly unique shopping destination in Dubai.