Tuscany, Italy

Dopolavoro La Foce

This historical establishment with UNESCO ties only recently opened its doors to the public and is well worth a visit.

Historic surrounds

First built in 1939, the Dopolavoro was originally a social club for the workers at the La Foce estate. It has since been remodelled and is now open to the public–a fact which you should be delighted by. The terrace at the back is large and peaceful, offering a relaxed dining atmosphere, while the front windows overlook the ancient Monte Amiata. The La Foce estate itself is nearby, and tours of the gardens are run on Wednesdays.

Excellent value dining

Inexpensive but excellent options make up the menu, which is highly seasonal, relying on fresh, local produce for flavour and value. Authentically Tuscan sandwiches with ingredients you won’t find anywhere else in the world make for an excellent light lunch, and the menu also offers several heartier options at both the lunch and dinner services. Just a handful of euros will buy you a delicious meal here, at either end of the menu. Dessert is also characteristically wonderful.


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