Tuscany, Italy

Dopolavoro La Foce

Built in 1939 as a meeting place for a number of people who worked for La Foce estate, Dopolavoro La Foce is a family-run Italian restaurant where you can eat authentic Tuscan dishes and drink local wine from the region.


The seasonal many is fantastic here at Dopolavoro La Foce. They will serve you the most amazing Panini filled with mint, mortadella, and artichoke hearts. Make sure to try their local prosciutto, truffle cream, and pecorino. Lasagne is a very popular dish among tourists here, as well as the beef cheek in Sangiovese wine.

History of Dopolavoro La Foce

There was a time when dance and theater performances were held here. War documentaries and films were shown on the big screen and people from miles around came to drink a glass of wine and watch these films. Today, Dopolavoro La Foce belongs to the Origo Family and is a perfect place to eat dinner and drink wine in their own vegetable garden.

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