Dohány Street Synagogue
(The Great Synagogue)

A centerpiece of Budapest's Jewish Quarter, the Great Synagogue--and the adjacent memorial and museum--capture both the beauty and sadness of local Jewish history.

A Unique Building

The Great Synagogue is fascinating example of Moorish Revival style. With its onion-domed towers visible from across the city, to its intricate geometric designs, it truly is a treasure. The interior soars with more geometric designs, steel-support balconies, and, unusually for a synagogue, boasts a large pipe organ. The torah-ark houses torah scrolls from other synagogues destroyed during the Holocaust.

A Somber Reminder

Next to the Great Synagogue and part of the same complex is the Jewish Museum and the Jewish Cemetery. The mood here is somber and reflective with a memorial sculpture to those who died during World War II. A moving tribute and important reminder of Budapest’s role during the war.