Doctor’s Cave Beach Club

The Doctor's Cave Beach Club is considered to have Curative powers dating back to the 1900's.

Doctor’s Cave Beach Club got its name in 1906 when a doctor and his friends used to hang out at a beach they would enter using a cave. Years passed and a terrible disaster happened. A hurricane destroyed the cave.

An Osteopath visited the waters of the cave which some how amazingly had temperatures ranging from eighty four degrees Fahrenheit to twenty two degrees Fahrenheit. It was later declared that the waters had curative properties that cured several ailments. From that day on, Doctor’s Cave became a popular tourist destination.

The beach club has kept the facilities updated with very clean changing rooms, bathrooms and showers. They have everything to soothe your comfort like beach seats and umbrellas for you to relax and feel the sea breeze. Food is also available at reasonable prices so bring along your family to experience the healing properties of doctor’s cave. Admission costs $6 US  for adults and $3 US for children.