Oxford, England

Christ Church Cathedral

The beautifully decorated Christ Church Cathedral is one of the significant monuments that make Oxford an impressive cultural destination. This Cathedral, which also plays the role of chapel to Christ Church (College) of Oxford University, is a stellar example of Gothic-weds-Norman architecture.

From monastery to cathedral

This awe-inspiring place of worship was built in the 12th century and was known as the Priory Church of St. Frideswide, after a devout Saxon princess-turned-nun. It was a bustling pilgrim center from the 13th until the 16th century when it was appropriated to build a college.

Architectural treat

The cathedral’s tower, erected in the 12th century, is topped by a 13th century spire. The chancel’s highlight is its entrancing starry ceiling fashioned by William Orchard in the 16th century while the splendid marble floor was laid in the 1870s. The church is also home to several tombs and memorials including the impeccably restored Shrine of St. Frideswide bathed in light filtering through a beautiful stained glass window devoted to the saint. There are other striking stained glasses too, particularly, the Rose window above the altar and the Jonah Window.

Just like in the early days, the Cathedral continues to draw the devout and the curious from all over the world. While some are lost in the magnificence of the building, others find peace in its tranquility.

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