Oxford, England

Pitt Rivers Museum

The Pitt Rivers Museum is a fascinating destination. The Museum houses three floors of splendid archeological and anthropological artifacts used by ancient and modern civilizations from around the world.

In the making since 1884

The museum was founded in 1884 with a mere 26000 objects most of which were donated by Lt. General Augustus Pitt Rivers to the University of Oxford. The collection has grown to over half a million with generous contributions from anthropologists, explorers and missionaries.

Resourceful collection

While one gets to see the ubiquitous tools, textiles, pottery, sculptures and musical instruments, there are several unique and breathtakingly beautiful exhibits too. The brilliantly colored Hawaiian feather cloaks, ceremonial ivory from Benin, the imposing Haida totem pole, full-sized sailing crafts, exquisitely carved libation sticks from Japan are just a few of the many famous displays here.

The Museum is also a teaching and research institution which is why you will find friendly staff to help you understand the exhibits.

Handy Tip

Please remember that the only entry into the Pitt Rivers Museum is through the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.