Romain Herzo

Eric Herzo certainly counts among one of the many distinctive jewelers that France has gifted to the world. His store, Romain Herzo, named in honor of his father, is a citadel of timeless beauty, elegant craftsmanship and sheer originality.

Signature style

Eric Herzo launched his signature store in Lyon followed by another in Paris in 2006 after several years of mastering the art of jewelry making. Romain Herzo’s commitment to the tradition of jewelry in France and their unique approach to perfection have earned them several national awards. Not surprising, given that Romain Herzo’s jewelry is entirely crafted in-house by a highly accomplished team of skilled artisans.

Fascinating collections

There are stunning designs for the free-spirited woman in the Rêve Nacre, Prestige and French Collections. Naturally, there are several exquisite collections inspired by the infinite beauty of nature – Fleur Eternelle, Fleur de Peau, Mon cour our toujours, Stay with me and Elegance.

Romain Herzo’s designs are for women of all ages and there’s no reason to believe you won’t find something that’s just right for you.

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