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Harrods, the famed luxury department store is a symbol of exclusivity. Spread over 4.5 acres, the store houses nearly everything – from creative cupcakes to exquisitely fashioned charms by Faberge, the heritage jewellers.

Illustrious past

Harrods was founded when a young and enterprising Charles Henry Harrod established a drapery business in 1824. A fire destroyed the store in 1883 but a far grander and magnificent store was launched by the Harrods family. Soon, the store was recognized not just among the elite of London but the royals too.

Amazing customer experience

Harrods is a store that seeks to cater to its customers’ refined tastes with a mind-boggling array of luxury products from a range of premium brands. They ensure their customers’ loyalty by providing a range of tailor-made in-store services and attentive customer service. You are spoilt for choice with 26 select restaurants, bars and cafes spread thoughtfully across the store. You can also choose to dine like a king at the Harrods’ flagship restaurant, The Georgian.

If you’re a shopaholic or window shopper, remember to set aside a day for Harrods. It is, after all, one of Europe’s largest department stores.

Handy Tips

  • We need to warn you that Harrods is usually packed during weekends. Okay, maybe not the whole store but the legendary Food Halls at the ground floor get pretty busy.
  • Pick up a map as soon as you enter the store. It’s easy to get lost in seven floors and a million square feet of retail space.

Photos from Harrods

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