Oxford, England

Gee’s Restaurant

Gee’s Restaurant is an exclusive dining destination favored by the students of Oxford University who come here with their families to celebrate graduations and special occasions. This restaurant-in-a-glasshouse is not just a place where your sense of adventure is fulfilled but also where the dining is what it promises to be.

Iconic restaurant

The restaurant was opened in the 1980s by Jeremy Mogford by refurbishing a Victorian conservatory. This glasshouse was constructed in 1898 for the leading nursery in the city run by the Gee family. Today, the same glass walls filter in warm sunshine and the tree-lined terrace outside permits dining under the skies.

Intriguing décor and fine cuisine

The restaurant has chosen to stay true to the building’s primary purpose and have liberally used plants to play the glasshouse to its full advantage. So, don’t be surprised when you’re seated next to a lemon or olive tree or by a rosemary ‘wall’.

Their menu changes seasonally so you can expect to be pleasantly surprised. Their traditional Sunday roasts are outstanding. By the way, they also have a prix fixe lunch menu that changes every week.

Gee’s restaurant is a charming way to enjoy the Oxford magic.