Hong Kong

Dim Sum Bar

While some enjoy waiting in queues for the bamboo steamer to arrive at popular places like the Lin Heung Tea House, others might prefer the classy and admittedly, pricey environs of Dim Sum Bar where you can savor amazing dim sum paired with a choice of your favorite drink.

Classy dim sum destination

Dim Sum Bar is situated in Harbour City, a waterfront destination and isn’t hard to spot. Though, the restaurant is known for its signature dim sums, they also boast a range of elegant seasonal dishes besides the ubiquitous rice and noodles. And yes, it’s a bar too.

Signature dim sums

Dim Sum Bar is a great place to enjoy some unique dim sum. You’ve probably never heard of Baked Abalone and Chicken Pastry but this culinary delight comprises a perfectly baked abalone nestled on a golden pastry stuffed with chicken. Another must-eat is the King’s Dumplings in Lobster Bisque, a creamy concoction that marries eastern dumplings with the European broth. They also have an interesting dessert menu that is worth trying.