Le Relais de l’Entrecôte

When a bistro offers a single-dish menu, you know you just have to explore it. In true Parisian style, Relais de l’Entrocote does not let you down with its fabulously succulent main course, Steak Frites, or steak and chips in the English-speaking world.

Steak and wine

L’Entrocote traces its origins to Le Relais de Venise – L’Entrecôte, founded in 1959 by Paul Gineste de Saurs to market the wines from Chateau de Saurs, the family winery. Over the decades, the main course has been the same but visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to desserts – exquisite Crème Caramels, delicious Chocolate Profiteroles, refreshing Raspberry Delight and more.

Succulent steaks

The dish is, essentially, a premium cut of sirloin slathered in their signature butter sauce and served with impeccably done fries. Parisians are very much in love with L’ Entrocote’s splendid steak and its friendly bistro-style service. Tourists, especially those who don’t know French, adore the bistro because there is only one question to answer: “Quelle cuisson?”(“How would you like your steak?”) 🙂