Children’s Discovery Museum

From bubbles to paint, water to sand, everything ordinary and the not-so-ordinary are used to fire the imagination of little children at the Children’s Discovery Museum, San Jose. The pioneering museum (in a purple building!) has been acclaimed as one of the top 10 children’s museums in the United States. They have also won a couple of Excellence in Exhibitions Award from the American Association of Museums.

Fostering learning

The Museum was opened in 1990 to ‘inspire creativity, curiosity and lifelong learning.’ There are a variety of inventive, interactive exhibits for children to explore and learn from. They can browse though the Art Gallery or touch, feel and squish all the stuff at the 3100 sq. ft. Wonder Cabinet. The really tiny ones will be delighted with the Crawl Space where exhibits are placed at just the right height for them!

Inspiring children

Don’t forget to say hello to little Lupe, the resident mammoth. He’s a fossil, of course. Children will also learn how to make a ‘rainbow’ of five fruits and vegetables to eat healthier. Their Gift Shop has creative science kits, art packs and a whole lot of interesting gifts and souvenirs.

The Children’s Discovery Museum is a fantastic destination for families and is sure to transform your child’s perspective on science and the world around them.

Credits: Photos by Jim Watkins Photography.



Photos from Children’s Discovery Museum

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