Delfi Bookstore and Café Bar, SKC

Delfi Bookstore should be your first choice or the last resort in finding a book or a movie you cannot find elsewhere.

One of the finest places in Belgrade where you can have a drink, and buy a book or a gift, occupies the ground floor of an interesting building facing Beogradjanka (Belgrade Woman), the highest structure of Old Belgrade. Delfi Bookstore offers a wide range of books in different languages, stationery equipment, CDs, souvenirs, and more.

Besides books elaborating Belgrade’s and Serbia’s attractions and history, Delfi Bookstore offers literature of celebrated Serbian writers (Ivo Andric, Mesa Selimovic…), worldwide classics, travel guides, graphic novels, popular fantasy (Robert Jordan, George Martin…), etc. You can also find here recently released movies and music, old blockbusters and hits by local and international production houses, sorted into categories. Popular video games are in full supply, too.

A small café bar, featuring cozy atmosphere and pleasant music, offers you a break to contemplate your further moves. When weather permits, the bar is expanded to the outside.

Delfi Bookstore and Café Bar is located in the Students’ Cultural Center (SKC), at the intersection of Kralja Milana (King Milan) and Resavska streets.

Photos from Delfi Bookstore and Café Bar, SKC