Dar Poeta

Near the Piazza Santa Maria in Trastavere, Dar Poeta offers some of the best wood-stove pizza in Rome. This classic style ristorante serves pizza, pasta, appetizers and more, using recipes that stay true to authentic Roman cuisine while adding some of the restaurant’s own signature touches. Their menu explains (in Italian): “Our pizza is neither Roman, nor Napoletano. Our pizza is Dar Poeta.”

A Who’s Who of Italian Dishes

The menu’s list of pizza options is extensive and unique, including ingredients like salmon, potatoes, swordfish carpaccio, and zucchini cream, as well as classic Italian meats such as mortadella and speck. Dar Poeta also serves calzones and a wide variety of bruschetta. They’re ricotta and Nutella calzone, one of their most popular dishes, makes for a can’t-miss desert.

Under the Lamplight

Dar Poeta receives patronage from tourists and romans alike. Customers can dine outside in the narrow, lamplit streets or in the restaurant under the quintessentially Roman brick archways lining the walls and ceiling. Here, travelers can find high quality Italian cuisine for affordable prices in a friendly, casual atmosphere.