Dar Filettaro

Filetto di bacalà is one of Rome’s most cherished dishes, and one of the best places in Rome to find this local favorite is Dar Filettaro. Located near Campo dei Fiori, this small, unassuming establishment has been serving some of the best bacalà in Rome since 1950.

A Filetto and a Beer

Though Dar Filettaro serves mostly smaller dishes like salads, cheeses, and appetizers, the filetto di bacalà is its specialty—and it can be very filling. It is a beer battered cod similar to the fish in U.K. fish and chips and can be eaten inside the restaurant or taken to go, wrapped in paper and eaten like a sandwich or a pastry. It goes particularly well with beer, which Dar Filettaro serves from a charming old wooden tap. Of the smaller dishes, the acciughe con burro (anchovies with butter) and puntarelle salad with anchovies and beans are two stand-outs, as well as the other fried dishes like fried zucchini.

A Casual, Local Spot

Dar Filettaro has a comfortable, local atmosphere. The sign above the entrance reads “Filetti di Bacalà” in plain font, and inside the furniture is wooden with walls covered with paintings, signs, and pictures. Each filetto is only five euros, and in the summer the restaurant sets up tables outdoors.