Danube Quay, Zemun

If you are a fan of a nice stroll and delicious cuisine, the Danube Quay will surely interest you.

Danube Quay in Zemun, a Belgrade suburb, is a charming promenade where you can recoup spent calories in some of its iconic eateries. Danube Quay is especially pleasant during spring and summer, when a light breeze decreases the heat and when the restaurant gardens, with a view on the Danube River, are open. It is also a time when a pontoon bridge connects the quay with the Great War Island, which is a natural wooded resort, featuring a popular summertime beach. Along the quay, sociable swans, ducks and other birds wouldn’t mind sharing your meal.

The restaurants along the quay are reputable, in general, and among most iconic are Stara carinarnica (Old Customhouse), Saran (the Carp), Stara kapetanija (Old Harbor Master’s Office), Kod kapetana (At the Captain’s) and Reka (the River). Most of these restaurants serve local specialties, which are mostly based on the hog meat, but pastas, pizzas, fish and seafood are also in full supply. The Carp features warm atmosphere and a fireplace, while the River grows especially joyful place with live music during evening hours.

As pointed out, most of the Danube Quay’s restaurants are good places for getting out, but few exceptions do exist. One such is Dunavska prica (the Danube Tale).

Photos from Danube Quay, Zemun