Tuscany, Italy

Da Rosanna

If the best way to learn about a culture is to eat its food, this homely restaurant is a masterclass in Tuscan culture.

Home-style authentic Tuscan cuisine

Step into Da Rosanna, a restaurant well and truly off the beaten track, for an authentic food experience the likes of which you’re not likely to see anywhere else. Casal di Pari is a sleepy town largely unvisited by tourists, and its best restaurant is much the same–the dishes are homemade and humble, but no less tasty for their modesty. The warm, inviting atmosphere of the dining room completes the meal delightfully.

Off the beaten track

If you’re the sort of person who likes to go to places no one else has been, the ancient village of Casal di Pari is the perfect place to go, and what better place to eat than the local bar! If you’re travelling between Siena and Grosseto it’s the perfect pit stop, right in the middle of the two cities. Where else can you get homemade pasta and wild boar for €15 a head?

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