Sample Peruvian-Japanese fusion at this trendy seafood restaurant.

Modern Cuisine from Peru to Japan

Cumarú is but one gem in a hip Santiago neighborhood, and its unique menu fits right in with the creative atmosphere. Its Peruvian-Japanese fusion fare brings together delicious flavors from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Diners can enjoy these exciting combinations in a space defined by chic elegance.

Emphasis on Seafood

Since the water forms at least part of the borders of both Japan and Peru, it’s no surprise that seafood has a prominent place on Cumarú’s menu. The restaurant serves both sushi and ceviche–its ceviche trio is an especially popular option. Then there are larger dishes like the Pescado Cumarú–a fish fillet served with curry and Thai rice.

Cumarú features sleek, modern architecture. Rich red woods line both the floor and the walls, and patrons sit at simple black tables and chairs. It’s truly a pleasure to dine in such a stylish space.