Ho Chi Minh City

Cu Chi Tunnels

Witness firsthand the small tunnels that the guerrilla fighters used during the Vietnam War.

Living History

Even before the United States intervened in Vietnam, the residents of Cu Chi had built their tunnels. Originally used to battle the French, this intricate underground system allowed Vietnamese guerrilla fighters to slip past their enemies undetected and ultimately succeed in their war for independence. Located a few hours north of Ho Chi Minh City, the Cu Chi Tunnels now educate visitors about the war effort.

A Tight Squeeze

Flooded with American bombs, the Vietnamese guerrilla fighters had no choice but to do everything inside the tunnels. Visitors can see the remains of hospitals and kitchens, along with the fearsome traps built to harm enemy soldiers. Visitors even have the opportunity to travel through a portion of the tunnels–crouched into a small space with little light. Those with claustrophobia ought to decline the offer.

Because the Cu Chi tunnels are so far outside the city, travelers will probably want to book a tour. There are many agencies that operate tours to and from the tunnels, all for various prices. Asking the staff at your hotel or hostel is a good place to start.