Court Barn Museum

Court Barn Museum is a modest, award-winning museum filled with arts and crafts from artists in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas.

Guild of Handicraft Trust

The museum is maintained by the Guild of Handicraft Trust which is committed to showcasing and preserving local arts and crafts. The museum hosts its collection in a disused barn which was remodelled to a spacious place that captures the charming pace of life in the Cotswolds.

Collections in the Museum

Some of the collections that visitors can see in the Museum include ceramics, furniture, graphic design, bookbinding, industrial design, jewellery like the exquisitely enamelled Butterfly Brooch, prints and drawings, metalwork, painting, photography, stained glass, textiles and sculpture. All of these collections are originated from the Cotswolds and dated from 1900. Some of the renowned people featured through these collections include C. R. Ashbee, Charles Blakeman, Mary Osborn, Sidney Reeve, Roland Dyer, and Arthur Penny.

The museum store also offers unique postcards which make for excellent memorabilia.

Stay at home!

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