Countdown Live Escape Games

Gather a group and head to Countdown Live Escape Games to see if you have what it takes to survive a nail-biting challenge.

Countdown Live Escape Games offers interactive fun for groups of ten or fewer people. (Single players may be allowed, but the games have been designed for a team effort.) Groups decide which game they would like to play. In Las Vegas, Countdown Live Escape Games gives players three choices. For those who enjoy mystery and have dreamed of solving a crime, The Sherlock is the game for you. If you are mechanically-minded or enjoy the sci-fi genre, choose Project Poseidon. However, if you want a taste of the macabre, experience the terror of the game Atelophobia, based off of the horror film by Joe Lujan.

Plan to arrive at Countdown Live Escape Games 30 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. A game master will meet with your group to explain the rules of play. Groups are then put into a room, the door is locked, and a 60-minute timer begins. The object of each of the games is to use clues to escape before your time limit expires. These challenges are difficult yet not impossible. They are great to play with family, friends, or colleagues focusing on corporate team-building. You will enjoy the bonding experience as you laugh together…and face your fears together.

Age restrictions are in place at Countdown Live Escape Games. Some of the games will not allow people younger than 18 to play. Likewise, anyone under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult during game play. See the online calendar for availability. Tickets can be purchased online for $35 per person; they cost $38 per person if you buy them at the door.

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