Cotswold Farm Park

Cotswold Farm Park is a fun-filled place that promises exciting activities for the whole family.

The Nation’s Favourite Farmer

Cotswold Farm Park was founded by Joe Henson in 1971 who created the farm to protect and breed uncommon breeds of farm animals. You can expect to see unusual breeds of cattle, goats, horses, ponies, pigs and sheep with fanciful names like Belted Galloway, Gloucester, Hereford, Highland, White Park and lot more!

The farm also engages in food production such as growing wheat, maize, beans, oilseeds and barley.

Activities in Cotswold Farm Park

Children and grown-ups can engage in several fun activities at the Cotswold Farm Park including scavenger hunt, memory tray game, hopscotch, bird spotting, maize maze, tree bark rubbings, den building, noughts and crosses with pebbles and mud kitchen. They also offer horse rides along the open hillsides, the clear river of Windrush, woodland trails and grass gallops.

There is a campsite in the farm park, an ideal place if you are up for some camping or glamping!