Copacabana Night Market

The Copacabana night market offers the chance to browse local handicrafts and bargain deals, all while wandering along the beach.

Shop on the beach

Every night except Sundays, Copacabana beach comes alive with a night market that runs from 6pm until midnight. Here you’ll find local vendors selling everything you can imagine–from tacky souvenirs to local handicrafts and things you’ll only ever find in Rio, too. This market is as much for the locals as it is for tourists, so if you watch what’s being bought–and where–by people in the know, you’ll get some of the best bargains in the city.

Relax as the sun goes down

The Copacabana night market is the perfect place to relax after a long, hot day in Rio, and wandering among the stalls will take your mind off the heat as the day cools down. Once it does, pick up a locally-crafted shawl to keep your shoulders warm and check out the food vendors, who are on a constant rotation as the year progresses–you never know what you’ll find!