Confectionery Shop Special

Confectionery Shop Special is among the finest places in the center of Belgrade to enjoy delicious pastries.

The pleasantness of the Confectionery Shop Special’s ambiance is only comparable with the deliciousness of its pastries. Special isn’t especially large, you might even pass by it if not looking closely; however, its display of pastries in its show window clearly marks out one of the finest confectionery shops in Belgrade’s core.

As you stop in front of the showcase, a multitude of pastry variations makes choice nearly impossible. You’ll be forced to make a choice among cakes, cookies and ice-creams. Lemonade accompanies any of these delicacies just fine – just to make your choice less demanding in this case. It is also possible to order products of the shop for a special occasion.

As for the ambiance, Special features warm colors and gentle music. If you don’t like to have your delicacy next to the entrance, you can look for a more discreet place at the upper level of the confectionery shop.

Photos from Confectionery Shop Special