Como Agua Para Chocolate

Como Agua Para Chocolate is one of those exclusive restaurants in Santiago that serves classic, high quality food in an inimitable, romantic setting.

Dining on a Movie Set

Como Agua Para Chocolate was inspired by the classic ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, a romantic novel by Laura Esquivel.

As you enter the restaurant, there is a sense of having stepped back in time to era of romance and chivalry. And yes, some would even say, walking into Como Agua Para Chocolate is like having stumbled onto a movie set for a dreamy atmosphere complete with a gurgling fountain in the midst of the tables.

Set in a quaint part of the city, the restaurant is split into a mezzanine dining area with ornate balustrades and a sprightly vine that adds a bold splash of colour to its interiors.

Classic Menu

The food at Como Agua Para Chocolate reflects its inspiration too. They start off with a range of famed dishes known for their allure and gradually shift towards Chilean dishes.

There is an eclectic wine cellar in Como Agua Para Chocolate, filled with white wine, red wine, and sparkling wines. Pisco Sour is one of their ‘must try’ beverage! As for food, their seafood, fished from Pacific Ocean, is fresh and their meats are seasoned with their classic Chilean flavourings.

Let’s not forget their fine desserts! You should taste their Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry Sauce as the first bite fills your mouth with sweet and rich flavour.