Collegium Ducale

Venice's best musicians form a chamber orchestra in the city's most famous prison.

Top musicians

The Collegium Ducale Venice Orchestra is comprised of the city’s most esteemed musicians, performing works ranging from the Baroque era through the 20th century. Active since 1993, the orchestra began its tenure with a program titled “Venice and Europe: Music Behind the History,” reflecting their devotion to true study of great musical traditions.

One-of-a-kind venue

Many of the orchestra’s concerts take place in the Palazzo delle Prigioni, or Prisons Palace. Linked to the Doge’s Palace by the infamous Bridge of Sighs, this former prison jailed many famous figures like Casanova, whose daring escape from this very building is the stuff of legend. The stone walls of a converted cell carry the orchestra’s music far and wide.

Opera programming

In addition to the Baroque chamber orchestra, the Collegium Ducale also presents concerts by opera singers. Both ensembles perform works by history’s greatest composers, including Mozart, Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Brahms, and more.

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