Coffee Dream

If you tend to be choosy when it comes to coffee, head to Coffee Dream bar and be subjected to sweet torments by its extensive assortments of coffee drinks.

If you are a coffee aficionado, or intending to become one, by no means should you bypass Coffee Dream bar, located at the intersection of the Knez Mihailova (Duke Michael) and Nikole Spasica Streets, in downtown Belgrade. It is most probably Coffee Dream where you will have most delicious coffee during your sojourn in the Serbian capital city.

A wide range of coffee drinks is available to choose your favorite from. The initial impulse, after realizing a variety of the assortment, would probably be to take a closer look into the list. However, don’t get too deeply into it. You would usually like whichever drink you order. For a reference, you can choose among cappuccino, macchiato, mokachino, ice coffee, ice espresso, etc.

You can have your coffee in the bar’s premises or on the go. The same holds true for other specialties of Coffee Dream, some of which are hot chocolate, frappe, various shakes, muffins, cakes and other delicacies.

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