Hong Kong

Clock Tower

Back in the days, when ships and railways were the primary means of travel, the imposing Clock Tower was the first welcoming monument that immigrants to Hong Kong saw. It stood as a symbol of hope and a promise of a better life for all who arrived here.

Marking time for a century

The iconic Clock Tower was built in 1915 and was part of the Kowloon Railway Station. The classical Edwardian Revival style monument constructed with distinctive red bricks and granite stands 44 meters tall with a 7-meter high lightning rod at its tip. Though the rest of the station no longer exists, the majestic tower stands as a testament to a bygone era.

Declared Monument of Hong Kong

The Clock Tower is a Declared Monument of Hong Kong as well as a famous tourist destination. It makes for a picture perfect stop with its rectangular reflective pools helmed by palms on either side. If you’re in the city during festive seasons like the Chinese New Year or Christmas, you’re in for an extravagant visual treat.