The Cliff Beach Club

The Cliff Beach Club is a new restaurant with a fantastic setting. Tiered balconies offer great views of the sea below, and its modern décor and delicious food make it one of the trendiest places on the island.

The Perfect Location

The Cliff Beach Club is a stunning restaurant perched on the edge of the water on the West Coast of Barbados. It is located next to The Cliff, one of the most famous restaurants on the island. It has tiered balconies overlooking the Caribbean sea, offering amazing views on all levels.

Cocktails And Sunsets

This is a great place to have a cocktail whilst watching the sunset too. Their bar is well equipped and sits at the very top of the restaurant where you can watch sailing boats and jet skis passing by below. The restaurant has a modern, eclectic design which catches the eye, and features an old ship’s helm and miniature submarine.

Simple But Delicious

The Beach Club’s menu is limited but features delicious food, and it is regularly updated according to what’s in season. Some of their most famous dishes include spicy lobster risotto and grilled market fish with wild black rice. They are open for both lunch and dinner, each offering incredibly different but fantastic views.