Cinolter Antiques

Cinolter Antiques is located in the Jewish Quarter of Prague and just a short walk from the Old Town Square. It is considered to be one of the most popular and prestigious shops when it comes to antiquates.

Antique Jewelry

What makes Cinolter Antiques different than the other shops in this part of Europe, is that most of the antiques are local like Czech precious stones, porcelain, and custom made jewelry. The shop attracts many visitors due to its central location and employees speak fluent English. Keep in mind that most of the antique jewelry here is on the expensive side, but there are also plenty of decorations like clocks and porcelain pieces that are affordable.

The Owner

In 2001, Martin Cinolter who has a lot of experience in antiques decided to open up his first shop.  Over the year, he has established a professional relationship with people at the National Gallery and the Jewish Museum who are the top antique dealers in the city. The cool thing about purchasing at Cinolter Antiques is that they do delivery, which happens to be convenient for people who are traveling.

Stay at home!

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