Church of Our Lady before Týn

One of the most recognizable buildings in Prague, the Church of Our Lady Tyn was a Hussite church that was built between the 15th and 16th century, and is famous for its giant Rococo Altar. Tomb of Tycho De Brahe is located on the right side of the altar, while altarpiece paintings and pipe organs from the 17th century make this church a unique sightseeing spot for thousands of tourists.


Church of Our Lady before Týn was remodeled on several occasions, and there is even a legend that says how this church inspired Walt Disney for the Sleeping Beauty Castle. One of the interesting facts is that the two spirals on the church are not symmetrical, and although this looks like it was done by accident, these uneven spirals represent the Gothic architecture.

Unglelt Courtyard

Unglelt Courtyard is located behind the church and was founded in the 12th century. This was the place where merchants from other countries needed to pay customs for goods they brought to Prague. Today, visitors can find many restaurants and bars here.

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