Ho Chi Minh City

Chua Ong Temple

Though less popular for visitors than the nearby Thien Hau Temple, the Chua Ong Temple is equally impressive.

Chinese Temple in Vietnam

Located in Ho Chi Minh City’s Chinatown, the Chua Ong Temple–sometimes known as Hoi Quan Nghia An–still operates as a Taoist place of worship. Dedicated to a figure from the Three Kingdoms Period, Chua Ong dates back to the 1800s. However, it was renovated more recently. Fewer visitors come to Chua Ong, preferring the nearby Thien Hau Temple. But this temple is just as majestic.

Traditional Architecture

One of the temple’s most prominent features is right in the courtyard: a large pond backed by a wall carved with imposing dragons. Thanks to its renovation, the colors of Chua Ong pop vividly into view. Inside the temple, visitors will find golden lanterns and painted bells. Vibrant reds and greens and yellows splash over every surface.

Like all temples in Southeast Asia, it’s important for visitors to dress respectfully. Women should cover their shoulders, and both men and women should cover their knees. The temple has no entrance fee, and there are many other free sites to explore in Chinatown, including Binh Tay Market.