Oxford, England

Christ Church Picture Gallery

Christ Church at Oxford University has the singular distinction of having an art gallery within its premises. This historically rich and invaluable collection features paintings by Old Masters, drawings by great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rubens and Michelangelo, sculptures, busts, English glass and treasured 17th century Russian icons.

A gift to Christ Church

The Picture Gallery was born when General John Guise bequeathed his priceless collection of over 200 paintings and 2000 drawings to his alma mater. Over the centuries, further gifts have seen the collection grow. A purpose-built gallery was constructed in 1968 and the collection was made available for public viewing.

An outstanding collection

The Christ Church Picture Gallery is revered for its collection of Italian art from the early 14th century to the 18th century by Filippino Lippi, Tintoretto and Annibale Caracci. The collection boasts of several spectacular religious panels by unknown masters from the medieval times like St. John the Baptist Enthroned, the Coronation of the Virgin, the Virgin and Child Enthroned and many more.

The Christ Church Picture Gallery is home to a truly inspiring set of paintings and is a must-visit place for art lovers.

Handy tip

  • If you’re a serious fan of art, we suggest that you visit the gallery on Mondays to avail of a guided tour that starts at 02:30 pm.