Choco Caffe

This bar is specialized in a wide range of specialties, efficient service and cozy atmosphere.

Choco Caffe in Knez Mihajlova Street is where the chocolate enthusiasts get along well with the coffee devotees. This likable bar is a two level facility, with an outdoor garden. The garden is equipped with fans that spray water drops during summer, and with heating bodies during winter, ensuring complete pleasantness no matter the season.

Once you take the menu, you’ll experience sweet torments which chocolate or coffee drink should be ordered. Coffee specialties, such as Coffee shake, Choco Coffee Black and Milky Way among others, make the decision nothing easier. Grenadines, the author’s most favorite delicacy, should be considered, too.

Pleasant atmosphere comes hand in hand with the bar’s specialties, and if you happen to be delighted by Choco Caffe’s cakes, you can order one. Take note, though, that it takes a day for the cake to be delivered in Choco Caffe, from where you can take it over.

Photos from Choco Caffe