Chipe Libre – Républica Independiente del Pisco

At Chipe Libre, visitors can try plenty of pisco, one of Chile’s most famous alcoholic beverages.

A Special Drink in a Relaxed Atmosphere

Chipe Libre has many appealing qualities. The casual-chic gastropub has an attractive design and a large patio in the back. But this Républica Independiente del Pisco is most known for its alcoholic namesake.

Pleasant Pisco

Pisco is Chile’s national brandy–though Peru also has claims to its origin. Distilled from fermented grape juice, this strong spirit has to come from certain regions of Chile, just like champagne in France. At Chipe Libre, guests can order flights of the drink to try several different varieties.

As for food, Chipe Libre serves Chilean, Peruvian, and other South American fare. Its fish dishes are popular, especially wild combinations like the octopus with spicy potatoes. The restaurant makes life easier for international guests by providing English-language menus.