Chinese Author Cooking (Violeta de Persia)

Chinese Author Cooking Restaurant, also known as Violeta de Persia, is an iconic restaurant that serves some of the finest Chinese food in Santiago.

“Best Foreign Food”

Chinese Author Cooking is renowned as the place for “Best Foreign Food.” Thanks to their culinary variety and consistent quality over the last two decades, they were chosen and appreciated by their customers. To them, every customer and every order is important. They pay attention to every detail of the dish which is why diners often compliment the restaurant on their impeccable presentation too,

Uniqueness in Every Dish

Each dish in Chinese Author Cooking Restaurant is distinctive and unique. They serve a variety of noodles, rice, dim-sum, Sichuan meat and dumplings. They also serve dishes for vegans and vegetarians. The staff is friendly, well-trained and eager to assist you with your choices.

The atmosphere at the Chinese Author Cooking Restaurant is relaxed, complemented with soft music. Overall, it does make for a memorable dining experience.


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