Toronto, Canada


Toronto is home to one of the largest Chinatown communities in North America. For over a century, the Asian community has lived and worked in this concentrated area with shops, restaurants, and hallmarks of culture.

Toronto’s Chinatown is a lively, vibrant area with cultural representation of various Asian countries including China–particularly the Guangdong province, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines and more, as well as ex-pat communities from the Caribbean and Southeast Asia.

Food and Festivals

Chinatown is home to an array of restaurants that range from the traditional small family places to high-end upscale locations with a menu sure to include regional ethnic dishes from all over the world.

The social scene includes two major festivals–the Toronto Chinatown Festival in the summer, which celebrates all aspects of Asian culture with dances, street food, performances and dance, and, of course, a spectacular Chinese New Year festival that falls somewhere between the end of January and into February. Every local community brings their own traditions to the festivals, so visiting is always a new experience.

Shopping and Souvenirs

The standard souvenir shops can be found here, but exploring the less obvious spots will reveal amazing produce for those hard-to-find ingredients, spice and herbal medicine shops, hand-crafted furniture, and ceramics.