China Town

China Town is a Chinese restaurant that is renowned for their authentic Chinese cuisine, especially their famed range of steamed and fried dim-sum.

Fresh Food at Fair Price

China Town is celebrated for its authentic Chinese fare and often recommended as being the best in town.

They serve a wide variety of mains from dim-sum to rice to noodles as well as sides that feature beef, chicken, pork, tofu and fresh seafood. The vegetable dishes are also commendable.

Memorable Meals

China Town offers several classics like the Sticky Rice in Lotus Leaves, Shao-Long Pau, Congee with Century Egg, and Steamed Buns with BBQ Pork.

Their cuisine is fresh and the generous portion sizes are friendly on your wallet. In addition, their attentive staff make the restaurant a place to go when you yearn for some good old Chinese.